Preceptor Roles & Responsibilities

Any residency program attending the conference to have their residents present research is expected to have at least one program preceptor or program director in attendance. The ESC Advisory Board feels this is an important expectation for programs in order to provide support for their residents, to assist with evaluating and moderating the presentations, and to provide opportunity for preceptor development.

Leading up to the meeting, program preceptors and program directors should encourage their PGY1 residents to submit their project as a slide presentation and PGY2 residents to submit their project as a poster presentation. In addition, any abstract submitted by a PGY1 resident, PGY2 resident, or fellow should be reviewed and approved by a program director or preceptor. Information about the expectations for abstract submissions is located on the resident information page. 

In addition, all preceptors should expect to participate in providing feedback to residents for the presentation sessions they attend. 

Preceptor Instructions

All rooms will be assigned two to four evaluators, which may include a PGY2 resident co-evaluator. Room moderators will not been assigned and it will be the responsibility of the evaluators to determine who introduces each presenter. Please plan to meet in your assigned room 10-15 minutes ahead of the first presentation to review assignments and ensure you know the details to introduce the presenting residents. 

Please consider the following structure/format for hosting the presentation rooms. 

  1. All evaluators will ensure room attendees have a copy of the printed evaluation form to fill out and turn in at the end of each presentation
  2. Evaluator #1 will introduce the first presenter.
  3. Following the end of the presentation, the evaluator will begin the question & answer session. Please be prepared with at least one question in case the audience in attendance does not have a question for the presenter.
  4. After the question and answer session, Evaluator #1 will collect the evaluation forms from attendees.
  5. Evaluator #1 will ask the presenter to meet them outside of the presentation room to give a brief in-person evaluation of the project and presentation.
  6. While Evaluator #1 is working with the presenter, Evaluator #2 will introduce the second presenter and facilitate in the same manner as the Evaluator #1 through providing feedback to the second presenter.
  7. Continue this cycle until all presenters have finished in the room. 

Additional Information:

  1. Please start the presentations on time – avoid going over time or starting early. Other attendees will be entering or exiting rooms anticipating they will be able to listen to a certain presentation.
  2. Cards indicating “2 minutes remaining” and “please finish your presentation” will be available in each room for use by the evaluator who is timing the presentation.
  3. If a resident or fellow from your program is presenting while you are evaluating, please coordinate with your other room evaluators to step away for that presentation. You should return to the room immediately after watching the resident or fellow from your program present and resume your evaluator responsibilities. 
  4. If a PGY2 co-evaluator is assigned to your room, please work them into the evaluator rotation, having them working in tandem with one or more of the room evaluators.